Perspective with a

Renaissance Twist 2014/15

The Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci

last supper.png

Visit this website to play some interactive Davinci games...
Learn more about Leonardo DaVinci's Last Supper in this video...

Americana Twist 2013-14

Students use patterns from American Quilts as designs for created boxes

quilt 4.jpgquiltmakers.jpg

gr 5 1 point perspective.jpg

Steps for project:
1. Practice 1 point pespective boxes on practice paper
2. Draw 3 boxes (small, Medium, large) on good paper, showing 1 point perspective.
3. If interested, draw the "ropes" that go from one box to the other. (erase the lines that overlap)
4. Fill in each side of the boxes with a different Zentangle pattern.
5. Trace over all pencil lines with black sharpie.
6. Fill in the background as if it looks like space with colored pencils or crayons.

10 minute video to have students draw along with to learn and practice 1 point perspective