online design and drawing, includes gallery

National Gallery of Art: NGA Kids ArtZone - interactive art activities

Haring Kids - from Keith Haring- fun online activities for kids and great lesson plan database for teachers

MOMA Kids Wing - fun activities from the Museum of Web Art

Destination: Modern Art - from the Museum of Modern Art

ArtEdventures - for primary and intermediate grades

SmART Kids - from the Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago; for students ages 7-12 to discover ways to look at, think about, and respond creatively to art

Middle School:

National Gallery of Art: NGA Kids ArtZone - lots of interactive art activities

The Artist's Toolkit (Minneapolis Institute of Art)- visual elements and principles

Online Etch-a-Sketch - includes gallery

A. Pintura: Art Detective

Mondrimat - create a non-objective desing a' la Mondrian

Art-iculation - focusing on elements and principles.examples,print and online activities

Inside Art -go on an adventure in art history- fun site!

Metropolitan Museum Of Art for Kids

Learning to Look at Art