All classes in the Computer Lab today.
I put signs on the Art room door when I left on Tuesday, make sure they are still there please.
If not, I have another in the Sub Folder
Seating charts are included in "Sub Folder"-which is where you will find the schedule today, tickets for good behavior, PBIS discipline write-up sheets, and where you can leave the artwork collected from kids and any other notes you have for me.
Students will spend the beginning of the period exploring the art websites for kids
(remind them to have a "Level 1 or 2 voice" it may get loud when they discover cool sites...)
They should print a copy of what they created during the class, put their name on it, and then hand it in so you can set those aside for me in the folder-please.
I have a few examples of artwork created on a few of the sites for you in the Sub folder.
Click on this link for a whole bunch of cool art websites for kids.

Students can go to my web page:
And then find "Art Websites for kids" in the grey column on the right, under "Home page"